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The MVMT LAB – CrossFit


1000m Row


Teach False Grip:


Ring Muscle Up Drills

Ring Muscle Up Drills

Find where you get stuck and stay there. Each section will be broken down into a time frame. Those that can’t do a muscle up yet should be doing max sets with rings hanging in bands.

4min for Dip Work:

Partner Static Hold :15-30sec

Static Hold :15-30sec

2 Slow Negatives

2 Ring Dips

2 Ring Dips with Pause in the bottom

1x Max Strict Ring Dips


5 Ring Scap Retractions

2 Ring Pull Ups

2 Ring Holds at the top :15-30sec

2 Ring Slow Negatives

5 Kipping Swings

5 Rings to Hips

Slow Ring Muscle Up Transition Drill


5min for Ring Muscle up attempts


Metcon (Time)

400m Run

30 Banded Push Ups (something hard)

40 DB Hang Power Cleans 50/35

50 Supine Ring Pull Ups

100 Cal on Rower

25min time cap

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